The 2019 TAL Hawassa Half-marathon was completed successfully!

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Athlete Buzunesh Lemma run the second fastest time in the Hawassa women half-marathon finishing the race 1.17.04 in its 6 years history. Winner of the men half marathon athlete Musa Dabo finished the race at a time of 1:03.34. A total of 120 elite men and women athletes took part in the half-marathon.

2019 TAL Hawassa half-marathon had 2700 participants in the 7Km mass race and 700 participants in the children race. The title sponsor TAL Apparel which is one of the manufacturing companies in the Hawassa Industrial Park used the event to engage with the community and encourage their staffs to lead an active and healthy life. TAL also organized three-weeks training program at the Hawassa Industrial Park in connection with the race.

Mayor of Hawassa, Sekuare Shuda, and his deputy, Geletaw Geremew, along with the SNNP Youth and Sport Head Gelgelo and Haile Gebreselassie, founder of Great Ethiopian Run, started the races and give out prizes for the winners.

Top three results for elite and mass half-marathon are as follows:

21k Elite Men

Rank Name Sport Club Time

1 MUSA BABO Individual 1:03:36

2 Degeneh Regassa Individual 1:04:20

3 Getachew Kene Geta Zeru 1:04:22

21k Elite Women 

Rank Name Sport Club Time

1 Buzunesh Lemma Individual 1:17:04

2 Roman Mengistu Individual 1:17:06

3 Ayantu Kumela Bethel Teaching General Hospital 1:17:08

Mass 21 Men

Rank Name Time

1 Biniyam Fikadu 1:25:22.823

2 Abebaw Dejen Tiche 1:25:38.740

3 Yuki Nagano 1:29:01.337

Mass 21 Women

Rank Name Time

1 Wurm Christine 1:46:23.847

2 Vivian Hou 1:47:50.887

3 Maiko Goto 1:52:16.102

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