“Running for a Cause” hits fundraising targets as donations top 1 million birr

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Great Ethiopian Run’s annual fundraising campaign known as “Running for a Cause” has passed its 1 million fundraising target with five days remaining to race day this coming Sunday.

Announcing the news, GER Fundraising Coordinator Rediate Wujra expressed her delight at how the funds raised will help the three beneficiary organisations nominated by the Minsitry of Women and Social Affairs:

“One million birr split across our three beneficiaries may not seem like a lot of money, but I know that our beneficiaries will be overwhelmed by the support shown by our participants and that this will give them motivation to do more to promote their work.”

Almost 60% of the funds raised have come through charity t-shirt sales bought by individuals and organisations after the end of standard registration earlier this year.

More than 300,000 birr has come through corporate donations and individual sponsorship pledges. A new feature of the campaign this year has been the GivenGain online donation channel which makes it easier to collect donations from outside Ethiopia. More than 100,000 birr has been collected through this channel.

Dagmawit Amare, General Manager of Great Ethiopian Run, is making a last-minute appeal to participants and organisations to continue donating in the days before and after the race.

“Our participants who donate to this campaign are visibly touched when they hear about the stories of women giving birth in the forest and then receiving help from the organisations who receive the funds raised through our campaign.”

“For me, this is the best example of why our race is ‘more than a race’. If we can sow seeds of awareness about the good work being done by others and give them a platform to tell their stories, we are more than happy.”

For more about Running for a Cause: https://ethiopianrun.org/running-for-a-cause/1315/

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