By Haileegziabher Adhanom Addis Ababa – August 17, 2019 Selemon Barega, 19, born in Guraghe Zone, Southern Ethiopia, is a promising long-distance athlete who has achieved so many triumphs at an early age; which includes, becoming a World and African U20 Champion in 5000m, a world U18 Champion in 3000m, a Diamond League Winner in […]

Jiro, the Eyes Behind Athletics 

His name is Jiro Mochizuki. He is a Japanese photographer who was born in Tokyo and lives in Paris. It’s been more than 30 years since he began traveling the world with his camera; capturing great athletics, football, and Rugby competitions. Jiro, who exhibits his work in big museums and galleries, has a special relationship […]

Hewan and Halelujah

Hewan runs. As a vocalist, she especially uses road running as a good breather. she will run up to 6 km while listening to a song. She also goes to the gym to maintain her physical strength and stamina. “More importantly, I run on the road,” she says. Even before she joined Jano’s band there […]