Our international 10km is a very special running experience. The race is for runners of all levels. At the front end, it attracts an impressive field of elite runners, but its main purpose has always been to encourage mass participation running among local residents. The event also ranks as one of the world’s best 10km road races for international participants. 

Registration for the 2024 race is now open CLICK HERE to register!

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IT’S RACE WEEK! Here are some details you should know.

How do I collect my race t-shirt?

If you registered online you can collect your race pack from Hyatt Regency Welcome Desk from Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th November (9 am-6 pm). 

Where and when is the start of the race?

The race starts at Meskel Square at 8:30am. We advise all participants to arrive at the start between 7.30 am and 8 am. 

What does my t-shirt color represent? 

This year there are two T-shirt colours: green and yellow. Green t-shirts are given for those who are hoping to run under 1 hour and yellow t-shirts for those more than one hour.

Those wearing green will line up further forward – please follow the signs on the left and right sides of the road to access this area. 

If you are wearing yellow you should line up either on the main artery heading east from Meskel Square (Haile Gebrselassie Avenue) or heading north towards the Hilton Hotel. These roads are the best access roads to the start.

How can I get updates about the race in race week?

We will be giving regular updates and latest news via our social media channels:

FB: @GreatEthiopianRun

Twitter: @greatethrun 

Instagram: @greatethrun 

YouTube: @GreatEthiopianRunET 

What happens at the finish of the race?

After you cross the finish line, you will collect your finishers’ medal and water, and then exit from the square.

How can I get my result?

We record results for the registered elite athletes only. These results will be posted on our website by the end of Sunday. Mass participants need to take their own finishing time.

Who are the elites taking part?

We will announce our elite fields soon. Also watch our social media feeds.

When and where is the pre-race press conference and do I need a ticket for this?

The pre-race conference takes place at 10am on Friday 18th November at the Hyatt Regency. All members of the media are welcome to attend this event.

How do I get a media pass for the race day?

Please complete this accreditation form and we will process your request: CLICK HERE

How can I donate to the fundraising campaign?

More information about our campaign including details about donating to the campaign can be found here : SUPPORT HERE

Details about our virtual run can be found here

Registration for residents of Ethiopia through our standard entry is now closed.

If you have further questions you can contact us via our office phone number +251 116 635 757 or email address  info@ethiopianrun.org 

For every child, vaccines

The situation

Vaccines are among the greatest advances in global health and development. For over two centuries, vaccines have safely reduced the scourge of diseases like polio, measles and smallpox, helping children grow up healthy and happy.

Yet far too many children are not getting the protection they need in Ethiopia.

Despite significant improvements in immunization coverage over the years in Ethiopia, the immunization programme has been negatively impacted by conflict, the Covid19 Pandemic and other manmade or natural disasters.

Based on the WHO/UNICEF Estimates of National Immunization Coverage (WUENIC 2022), Ethiopia is in the top 10 countries(4th) with the highest number of unimmunized (zero-dose) children. Close to 4 million children in Ethiopia are zero-dose.

Most zero-dose children live in remote pastoralist, and conflict-affected areas, with internally displaced populations, in hard-to-reach communities, and areas where the urban poor reside.

Service disruptions and damage of health facilities in conflict-affected areas also contributed to the increase in the number of zero-dose children in Ethiopia.

What government and partners are doing?

The Government of Ethiopia and its partners have given priority to addressing the case of zero- dose children by developing a catch-up and recovery immunization plan.  

The ‘one country immunization recovery plan’ enables the country to get back on track and reduce the number of zero-doses and under-vaccinated children in the country.

What should be done?

Catching up with missed immunization activities and restoring services by strengthening immunization systems within the primary health care is important.

Community mobilization and mass participation activities are needed to leverage support for immunization campaigns by increasing demand and reducing barriers.

More resources are needed to restore immunization services and to rebuild damaged/ destroyed health facilities, and cold chain facilities.

Why is UNICEF partnering with Great Ethiopian Run?

With its partners, UNICEF reaches almost half of the world’s children every year with lifesaving vaccines. In over 100 countries, we work with governments, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and other United Nations (UN) agencies to engage communities, procure and distribute vaccines, keep supplies safe and effective, and help ensure affordable access for even the hardest-to-reach families.

UNICEF is partnering with the Great Ethiopian Run (GER) to promote every child’s right to vaccines. Every year, GER holds the largest road race in Africa. The GER international 10km road race is a great platform to promote the importance of immunization for children as the event attracts more than 44,000 participants. It also gets huge media coverage and public interest.

The event also coincides with World Children’s Day, UNICEF’s annual day of action for children, by children.

For every child, vaccines!!

Go Green 2022-23 Plan


We are promoting “3km of walking per day” to get us all to think more about walking in place of making short car journeys.

We encourage participants living in close proximity (3km radius) to race venue to walk to and back from race venue on race day.

We are also encouraging our participants to use public transport and shared car transport for arriving at and returning from the race. 

We will deploy electric cars to lead the elite race.


As in the past year’s race, we have used recyclable (eco-friendly) materials in the production of our race t-shirts & goody bags. We have continued our partnership with PETCO to collect and recycle all plastic bottles and other rubbish consumed and produced on race day.


Rubbish bins will be placed along the race course every 250m.

We’ll also put more portable toilets on race course


This year we are using a lighter water bottle for participants to make it easier for recycling. Our goody bag is also made of a non-plastic material which can be reused for shopping by participants.


We no longer use paper for registering participants. All registration has been done electronically.

Participants also receive their race magazine electronically in place of printed magazines.

We use more e-posters, e-fliers, e-invites

Re-use scrap papers for internal communication purposes

We put a disclaimer: “think about the environment before you print this email” on all our electronic communications as a reminder to our stakeholders.


Putting Go Green logo on every promotional materials

Scheduled (weekly/monthly) posts on social media about environment and GER’s Go Green 5 strands

Run social media campaigns to Teach/Train/Encourage people not to throw rubbish in their day to day activities

We invite all our participants and stakeholders to join us in this campaign and to contribute positively to the sustainability of our environment. 

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Great Ethiopian Run, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been using its flagship event, the Great Ethiopian Run 10km International, to support people in need in our community. Our official “Running for a Cause” fundraising campaign serves as the platform to collect donations. Last year we have raised over 1.6 million birr which made the total fund raised in the last five years to over 7.1 Million birr. This year, we have set a fundraising target of 1 Million Birr. Great Ethiopian Run has supported financially and promoted the work of different organizations working with vulnerable children, women and the elderly.

This year in collaboration with UNDP and Ministry of Women the official fundraising campaign will support UNDP’s campaign called Rebuild Her Business.

What is the focus of the campaign?

In recent years hundreds of thousands of women across the country have lost their jobs and their means of supporting their families. With funds raised through our charity campaign you will be helping women to gain back their business.

How much money is required to help each woman?

Just 27,500 Birr is enough to help one woman gain back useful employment.

How can you support?

Take a Pledge Form and start to collect money from your friends and family.

What is the minimum amount required to fundraise?

There is no minimum! Any amount raised will be gratefully received. However, if you raise 27,500birr, the amount needed to support one woman to re-start her business, you will receive a signed copy of the book ‘Haile Gebrselassie – Emperor of Long Distance’

The highest fundraiser will receive 2 nights for 2 persons at Arba Minch Haile Resort.

Are there any other special incentives to join the fundraising?

By joining our campaign, you have a chance of being one of the lucky 50 winners of a special limited-edition Finishers Medal. For the first time ever, this year we have produced 50 special Finishers Medals for participants dedicating their run to our official charity. If you are one of the top 50 fundraisers, you will receive this special limited-edition medal on race day.

Please note that you have to submit your funds before 15 November 2023.

‘By supporting a woman, you support a whole family.’

We invite you to join us in supporting women so that they can support their families and leave a legacy behind. Click here to join!

Volunteers play crucial role in staging our races. At the International 10km as many as 500 volunteers work to make sure everyone has the best experience on race day.

We work with different volunteer groups coming from Rotaract Clubs in Addis, Addis Ababa University, YMCA, Red Cross and other individuals who would like to contribute to the successful delivery of the race.

If you are a volunteer and want to participate please contact us through Dagim@ethiopianrun.org.

Please include: your contact information, background (area of expertise) & experience as a volunteer.

Week 6

Athlete Haile’s – Respected advice

My main advice at this point is: start your training now! It doesn’t matter how you train. I run in the forest and also train in the gym. For you, it may be different. But whether it’s running or gym training, whether it’s morning or evening, what counts is a good routine. And for this you need discipline! And one final thing: if you’re new to training, start gently!

Training suggestion: Walk for 20-30 minutes every other day.

Start with this when it is 6 weeks before the race!

Week 5

HAILE – Respected advice

Last week I said: start your training gently. Now my advice is: build up gradually. In other words, step by step. I always say: don’t rush training! It takes time to build fitness. Remember what I said last week: routine and discipline are everything!

Training suggestion: Walk 10 minutes – jog 2 minutes – walk 5 minutes – jog 2 minutes – walk 5 minutes

Do the session above twice this week. The third session should be a 20-30 minute walk.

Week 4

HAILE – Respected advice

This week, let me advise something a bit different. We call it interval training. The idea is: you push hard and then have a short recovery, and then you repeat this. This is a great way of increasing your fitness. It’s also a nice change from just running at one pace.

Training suggestion:

Session 1: Walk 5minutes – jog 1 minute – walk 1 minute (repeat 5x) – walk 5 minutes

Session 2: Walk 5 minutes – – jog 5 minutes – walk 5 minutes – jog 5 minutes – walk 5 minutes

Session 3: repeat session 1

Session 4: Walk 10 minutes – jog 4 minutes – walk 2 minutes – – jog 4 minutes – walk 2 minutes

Week 3

HAILE – Respected advice

Practice running uphill! You can do this on a treadmill in a gym by changing the gradient. It’s even better if you can run up hills outside. Find a good hill, which is not too steep and with a good running surface. Run up it (for about a minute) and then walk down. Repeat this six times. Hard work – but great for your fitness!

Training suggestion:

Session 1: Walk 5 minutes – jog 2 minutes – rest – hill session (as above) – walk 10 minutes

Session 2: Walk 3 minutes – – jog 3 minutes – (repeat 4 times) – walk 5 minutes

Session 3: repeat session 1

Session 4: Walk 3 minutes – – jog 5 minutes – (repeat 3 times) – walk 5 minutes


Week 2

HAILE – Respected advice

This is the final week of hard training – leaving it until next week will be too late. So this week test yourself! As a test, you could try timing yourself over 2km. Then have a short recovery. Then run another 2km followed by another short recovery. One final bit of advice: eat well and stay healthy! 

Training suggestion:

Session 1: Walk 5 minutes – test yourself over 2km (and repeat, as above) – walk 5 minutes 

Session 2: Walk 3 minutes – – jog 3 minutes – (repeat 4 times) – walk 5 minutes 

Session 3: Walk 5 minutes – jog 1 minute – walk 1 minute (repeat 8x) – walk 5 minutes 

Session 4: Walk 10 minutes – – jog 10 minutes – (repeat 3 times)  

1 Week to Go!

Final week

HAILE – Respected advice

This week my advice is: don’t do too much! So: keep training, but gentle training is now better than hard training! Think about the race. Yes, lots of participants! – and they will help you get around. Also, you need energy and determination. Check you know the course, and don’t start too fast!

Training suggestion:

Session 1: Walk 2 minutes – jog 8 minutes – walk 2 minutes – jog 8 minutes – walk 2 minutes

Session 2: Walk 10 minutes – jog 4 minutes – walk 2 minutes – (repeat 3 times) – walk 2 minutes


The race results for each category in the event (elites, ambassadors, charity runners and chipped runners) will be available one hour after the race on our event website 

Securing your place in the run

Our standard entry system for residents of Ethiopia opens well ahead of the event. Once these places are filled, we offer a limited number of charity places for those willing to support our official fundraising campaign ‘Running for a Cause’. 

Discounts on race t-shirts

In line with standard policy across all races we organize, there are no discounts on registration fees for race entry fees. 

How to collect your t-shirt?

Once you are registered to participate in the 10km, please make sure you keep your receipt in the right place. The distribution of race packs and t-shirts for Ethiopia residents takes place at the annual Sport Expo.

Race course

The race course starts and finishes at Meskel Square. A map of the race course is available on our website and in the official race magazine.  

Training for the race

Great Ethiopian Run has a membership programme which offers a range of benefits including training sessions for the 10km and guaranteed race places.