Great Ethiopian Run and Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation sign a media partnership agreement

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“In the past twenty years, Great Ethiopian Run has been able to gather hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians” Once a year, Great Ethiopian Run has made everyone give their hearts for peace, love, and togetherness: citizens who could not be together during religious holidays run together in the great race; People who could not be united in national gatherings wait for the Great Ethiopian Run and meet. When we thank Haile for this great initiative, not only because of the event’s contribution to athletics, but also because he started a great event for all of us, where we can bring Ethiopians together, bond, and closeness, where we are not limited by ethnicity, language and religion.’’ Excerpted from the message delivered by the FDRE Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, to the public on the day of the 21st edition of Great Ethiopian Run International 10km.

August 30, 2022: It is known that the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation has been broadcasting Great Ethiopian Run event to the viewers of the entire country for 18 consecutive years since 2002. Today, both renew the agreement to continue the live broadcast from the 22nd edition with the best technology and experts with many years of experience.

The live broadcast of this race is a great opportunity to show the positive side of the country to the rest of the world and to show the good image of the city to the world by highlighting the newly built Meskel square, the spirit of unity and the pride in the country. It creates a good opportunity to show love and peace, especially to the youth.

Great Ethiopian Run International 10km, which attracts many foreign nationals every year, is a competition that is held on the date set by the International Competition Calendar (AIMS).

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation Chief Executive Officer Ato Fisha Ytagesu said, “Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, as the country’s first and giant broadcasting media, is happy to broadcast this national event live. “

Former Athlete and founder of Great Ethiopian Run Haile Gebreselasie “From all the works I do, Great Ethiopian Run is the one I love more and I am proud of it. I feel very happy that it has become an annual day of happiness and solidarity for our country, where we can show Ethiopia at its best to the world. “

Great Ethiopian Run General Manager, Dagmawit Amare, is happy that Great Ethiopia Run has reached an agreement to work with EBC. ‘’When this competition is held every year, the unceasing help of various stakeholders makes the competition successful, and the signing of today’s MoU is one example of that.’’

The live transmission will be held on November 20 for the 22nd edition of the 2022 Sofi Malt Great Ethiopian Run International 10km. Not only that but will also lead to the live broadcast of the Women First 5km race, which will be held on March 12 2022 for the 20th time.

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