Big cash bonuses on offer at the 2023 Sofi Malt Hawassa Half Marathon

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Big cash bonuses on offer at the 2023 Sofi Malt Hawassa Half Marathon

Great Ethiopian Run race organisers of the 2023 Sofi Malt Hawassa Half Marathon have announced a total prize purse of over 400,000 Ethiopian birr for the elite races which take place on Sunday 12th February 2023.

The prize purse includes a share of 100,000 birr to any male athlete running under 60 minutes and the equivalent amount to any female athlete running under 70 minutes. If there is only one athlete achieving this time bonus goal, that athlete will take the entire 100,000-birr prize; where there are more than one athlete, the prize will be shared among the athletes.

The course records currently stand at 61:53 (men) and 72:12 (women). Both records were set in February 2022 by Bazezew Asmare and Tiruye Mesfin respectively.

The prizes for the first three athletes have also been doubled since last year with 50,000 birr on offer for the winner of both men’s and women’s elite races. The second-placed athlete will collect 15,000 birr and the third-placed athlete 10,000 birr. The top ten athletes will all win cash prizes.

The total prize purse now amounts to 408,000 birr.

In offering increased prizes, race organisers hope to attract even stronger fields to the race. Past winners include Ethiopia’s reigning marathon world champion Tamirat Tola (2013) and Kenya’s Wilson Chebet (2010).

Prize Structure for 2023 Sofi Malt Hawassa Half Marathon

RankPrize Money
1  50,000.00
2                15,000.00
3                10,000.00
4                  8,000.00
5                  6,000.00
6                  5,000.00
7                  4,000.00
8                  3,000.00
9                  2,000.00
10                  1,000.00

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