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If you want to get fit, you need to make exercise a part of your routine. That’s easier said than done, as there will always be other things competing for your time. But registering to take part in the UN 2017 WOMEN FIRST 5k will give you added reason to focus on your fitness over the next few weeks and try to exercise regularly in the run-up to the competition on 12th March.
Remember to be patient in allowing your fitness to develop gradually. If you’re starting from scratch, the first week is likely to be the hardest as you get used to taking exercise and adjust to feeling tired from your training sessions. Don’t expect to see big changes in the first week: the key is to persevere with a routine that will allow you to make steady progress over time.
Below are two 4-week training programmes, one (Beginner) for the novice starting from scratch and the second (Advanced) for those already doing exercise and wanting to get even fitter.

Week 1: 3 sessions
Walk for 2 minutes and jog for 2 minutes, and repeat this 5 times. This session should be completed on three separate occasions during the week

Week 1: 3 sessions
Session 1: jog for 20 minutes at an easy pace. Cool down for 5 minutes at a slightly slower pace.
Session 2: jog for 10 minutes; then run for 3 minutes at close to your maximum pace, followed by an easy jog recovery for 90 seconds, and repeat 4 times. Jog 5 minutes as cool down at end.
For session 3 repeat session 1.


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