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IFH Engineering PLC previously known as CRBC Addis Engineering PLC is an overseas branch company of China First Highway Engineering Co.Ltd (CFHEC) with a  headquarter in Beijing, China.

IFH Engineering PLC had entered in Ethiopia’s market in 1998 as an international contractor to construct the Addis Ababa Ring Road PhaseⅠand PhaseⅡProjects. Later, the company was established and registered as a local contractor in 2004 by obtaining investment registration from the Ethiopian investment commission to perform general construction work on a capacity of grade 1 contractor.

Our vision is to become a center of excellence and model construction and firm in all areas of civil engineering infrastructure with particular emphasis on urban roads and bridges.Our mission is to provide high standard construction services for clients of different civil engineering project s such as roads, bridges, buildings, airports, water supply and sanitary works. To achieve these, our mission focused at having excellent management to enhance development, competent and creative engineering for a better future, honesty, trust, cooperation and win policy for mutual benefit of construction parties, market oriented and resource integrated system of management, strength with team spirit. This enables the company to see today and tomorrow and update itself by making use of the state of the art and place itself among center of excellence.

Coming to Ethiopia two decades ago, IFH Engineering PLC is well known by his managing group, all kinds of well-trained senior engineers, skillful engineers and technicians, rich experienced working staff. IFH Engineering has been working in the field of roads and bridges construction in Addis Ababa City and has gained great achievements through his great effort, best quality and quick speed in projects such as Addis Ababa Ring Road Project, Ethiopia and China Friendship Road and buildings of shopping center in Addis.IFH Engineering PLC has good experience in achieving good quality of works and completing the works ahead of time and within the completion time. This has been witnessed in the construction works which has been a good reputation for the applicant in front of the city administration and the public. The reason for the successful performance of the contractor is the commitment of the management and the staff, close follow up, good system in handling the works, good planning and the capacity to understand the work as well as making himself ready in advance.

IFH has been involved in various public development works such as community access road construction, school construction, donation for different activities and the like. IFH has many staffs who are specialized in different activities and tasks. This specialized staffs work with the local employees with their full involvement. These local workers will be assigned to do the same works in other projects and now they are capable to do the works by themselves. With the development of company, we will make more contributions to the infrastructural construction of Addis Ababa City.

 5  Auto Safety is a radio talk show aired on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 am to 9:30 am on Bisrat FM 101.1.
As a local, legally registered and licensed company, Ashanti Advertising is the producer of Auto Safety and D/Inspector Assefa Mezgebu and Journalist Ashenafi Tadele host the show. 
On Auto Safety, not only current and major local and international road accident reports as well their causes are discussed, but also, traffic rules and regulations and other related vital information are shared to the public in order to create awareness among drivers and pedestrians.
More over, variety of suggestions, ideas and questions raised from its heterogeneous listeners are incorporated in every program and it is believed that the show plays a pivotal role in the reduction of traffic accidents and its consequences.
Auto Safety Radio Program is proud to partnership with the Great Ethiopian Run on the 14th edition of 2017 IFH Relay Races.
6  "We are passionate about introducing new technology to achieve excellence in the mineral water sector, the machineries we use and our unique production process makes us the best natural mineral water in the country".

MINE, YOURS, OURS...... Arki Water is proud to be part of the UN 2017 women first run!

Arki Water is proud to partnership with the Great Ethiopian Run on the 14th edition of 2017 IFH Relay Races.