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TAL Apparel


The story of TAL Apparel is in many ways the story of one man, CC Lee who was affectionately known as "The Textile Man".Asan industrialist who moved to Hong Kong from Shanghai in 1946, CC Leefounded a local cotton spinning company that grew into a global garment giant. Here are some of the landmark events in the company's evolution: TAL Apparel is a community of like-minded and dedicated individuals with talent, passion, energy and vision. Continuously striving to perfect our garments through tireless innovation, we offer an enriching workplace and welcoming culture – a fertile soil in which talented and dedicated people can grow. Guided by strong values, we are committed to doing business in an ethical and sustainable way.

hawssaHawassa City Administration

Hawassa is the capital city of SNNPR and Sidama Zone Administration. Hawassa is also known as the city of Harmony and diversity since it is the home of more than 56 ethnic communities living with respect and friendly manner and ensures unity in diversity. The city dwellers are well known for their hospitality and show heart full respect for all.
Hawassa is one of the fast growing, clear and clean, green, young, and peaceful city thus making it a major tourism destination. Exploring the city is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for both foreign and domestic tourists; it offers a range of natural and cultural attractions that appeal to visitors. The city administration plans to increase the number of tourist accommodation facilities to meet the needs of the ever-growing number of tourists in to the city.  
The Hawassa City Administration is looking forward to receive and host it’s guests and give them a memorable stay in the beautiful Hawassa.


iwasp website

Let’s protect Lake Hawassa!

Many lakes throughout our country are under serious threat. Some of them almost disappeared in a matter of only a few decades. Our Lake Hawassa is facing growing challenges too. We have a fast growing population and economy: we all need water, more water, and clean water. Lake Hawassa, the Lake of Love is vital for us all, and one thing is clear: we need to join together to preserve it.

 GIZ is working to establish a broad multi-stakeholder initiative, Protecting Lake Hawassa, with partners such as PVH Corp. and the Rift Valley Lake Basin Authority to preserve the Lake and enhance water security for the local community, business, and the environment. In 2018, through this initiative, government bodies from federal, regional, municipal and local levels, industrial partners, hotels, NGOs, religious organizations and many other stakeholders are joining forces. Collectively, we will implement projects selected by these partners.

Protecting Lake Hawassa is a partnership for all of us living and working in and around Hawassa. Let’s protect Lake Hawassa, now! Work with us in this partnership and contact GIZ at to learn more.  
arkiArki water

 "We are passionate about introducing new technology to achieve excellence in the mineral water sector, the machineries we use and our unique production process makes us the best natural mineral water in the country".
MINE, YOURS, OURS...... Arki Water is proud to be part of the UN 2018 women first run!
Arki Water is proud to partnership with the Great Ethiopian Run on the 7th edition of 2018 TAL Hawassa Half Marathon.
haileHaile Resort

Haile resort – Hawassa is situated in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and people’s region city Hawassa. The city is found about 265 km from the capital city, Addis Ababa Haile Resort – Hawassa melds the rich heritage of relaxed Hawassa Lake side with fragrant gardens and stunning views of the lake. 
Shashemene is located in West Arsi Zone; Oromia Region, Ethiopia the town lies about 240 km from the capital city Addis Ababa. Haile Hotel – Shashemene, found in Shashemene town on the high way of the main road to Nairobi, Kenya and the town of five gates.

Haile Resort – Hawassa and Shashemene is looking forward to hosting the 7th edition of 2018 TAL Hawassa Half Marathon participants and give a memorable stay in Hawassa.
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