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cceccCCECC Ethiopia

CCECC is a large-scale state owned enterprise with Chinese National Super Grade Qualification for railway project contracting, and has been listed among the world’s top 225 international contactors for many years by the Engineering News Record. Ever since the 1960s when CCECC contracted the largest foreign aid project- Tanzania-Zambia Railway (TAZARA) CCECC’s business scope has expanded from international contracting for railway construction to project contracting, civil engineering design & consultancy, labor services cooperation, real estate development, and import & export trading as well. The business activities of CCECC have covered over 60 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Oceania, with its overseas offices or subsidiaries established in more than 40 countries.   
By undertaking numerous key projects covering railways, highways, bridges, buildings, and municipal works in its overseas markets, and with its excellent performance and quality service, CCECC has won many national titles and honors.   
Particularly in Ethiopia, CCECC has undertaken the EPC Contract of Mieso-Dawanle Railway Project, Hawassa, Adama, Kombolcha and Dire Dawa Industrial Park Projects, Dry Port Project, Works of Dire Dawa Melka Bridge; these projects are under smooth execution and have good contract performance.
Besides expanding its contracted markets, CCECC has made every endeavor to be more diverse and professional in service. The corporation’s financing capacity has been improved and its business scope has expanded. In the future, CCECC will continue to carry out an even more extensive and deeper cooperation with friends all over the world to promote common development and mutual benefit by delivering the best service to our dear clients and contributing more landmark projects to the society.
CCECC is proud to partnership with the Great Ethiopian Run to host the 6th edition of 2017 CCECC Hawassa Half Marathon and be the title sponsor of the event.
hawssaHawassa City Administration

Hawassa is the capital city of SNNPR and Sidama Zone Administration. Hawassa is also known as the city of Harmony and diversity since it is the home of more than 56 ethnic communities living with respect and friendly manner and ensures unity in diversity. The city dwellers are well known for their hospitality and show heart full respect for all.
Hawassa is one of the fast growing, clear and clean, green, young, and peaceful city thus making it a major tourism destination. Exploring the city is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for both foreign and domestic tourists; it offers a range of natural and cultural attractions that appeal to visitors. The city administration plans to increase the number of tourist accommodation facilities to meet the needs of the ever-growing number of tourists in to the city.  
The Hawassa City Administration is looking forward to receive and host it’s guests and give them a memorable stay in the beautiful Hawassa.
cocaCoca Cola- test the feeling

coca2Coca Cola is proud to partnership with the Great Ethiopian Run to host the 6th edition of 2017 CCECC Hawassa Half Marathon.
arkiArki water

 "We are passionate about introducing new technology to achieve excellence in the mineral water sector, the machineries we use and our unique production process makes us the best natural mineral water in the country".
MINE, YOURS, OURS...... Arki Water is proud to be part of the UN 2017 women first run!
Arki Water is proud to partnership with the Great Ethiopian Run on the 6th edition of 2017 CCECC Hawassa Half Marathon.
haileHaile Resort

Haile resort – Hawassa is situated in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and people’s region city Hawassa. The city is found about 265 km from the capital city, Addis Ababa Haile Resort – Hawassa melds the rich heritage of relaxed Hawassa Lake side with fragrant gardens and stunning views of the lake. 
Shashemene is located in West Arsi Zone; Oromia Region, Ethiopia the town lies about 240 km from the capital city Addis Ababa. Haile Hotel – Shashemene, found in Shashemene town on the high way of the main road to Nairobi, Kenya and the town of five gates.

Haile Resort – Hawassa and Shashemene is looking forward to hosting the 6th edition of 2017 CCECC Hawassa Half Marathon participants and give a memorable stay in Hawassa.
volcafeVolcafe Ethiopia

Coffee retains a special place in the social, cultural and economic heart of Ethiopia. Volcafe’s presence in East Africa stretches back many decades and some of the most established coffee companies in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda form part of the Volcafe group. Volcafe is a leader in the implementation of sustainable practices in the region.
Volcafe established a permanent representative office in Addis Ababa in 1996. The company operated a full quality control lab in Addis, and closely follows developments and polices affecting the coffee sector. In addition to arranging the purchase and export of coffee, the representative office actively participates in sustainable coffee production initiatives, including the management of many projects on behalf of several major multi-national roasters. 

Volcafe Ethiopia is proud to partnership with the Great Ethiopian Run to host the 6th edition of 2017 CCECC Hawassa Half Marathon.