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2014 Europe Day Children Races

Europe Day Children Races is part of the Europe Day celebrations in Ethiopia. European Union's day celebrates the day the EU's predecessor was proposed in 1950. Europe Day is one of a number of European symbolsdesigned to foster unity among Europeans. The European Union in Ethiopia has been supporting the Children races for the last 10 years. The event has become very popular.

The event includes races for children under 5, 8, 11 and 14 years boys and girls. For the first time this year the event includes a relay competition where Nejashi Ethio-Turkish International School and British International School registered teams and Nejashi Ethio-Turkish School wins it. A total of 1,500 children have taken part on the event.

 The European Union Deputy Ambassador Barbara Plinkert, Ireland Ambassador Aiden O’Hara, French Ambassador Brigitte Collette, Deputy Czech Republic Ambassador Jiri Luhan and AIMS Secretary General Hugh Jones have handed prizes to the winners.


Under 5 Boys (300m)     Under 5 Girls (300m)
 1.  Tamrat Wagne Atse Naod School   1.      Amen Teshome            German Church School
2.  Bilal Gelalu                 Menilik School   2.      Yabsera Misrak            Meseret Ethiopia School
3.  Getaneh Mola        Mekaneyesus School   3.      Rakeb Ahmed              McMilan Academy
Under 8 Boys (600m)   Under 8 Girls (600m)
1. Kaleab Yonas               Tsehay Chora School   1. Helina Mengistu           Addis Berhan School
2. Tariku Boki                  Meskaye Hizunan School   2. Nardos Tesfaye            Ayer Amba School
3. Fuad Gelale                  Minilik School   3. Kalkidan Bikily            Addis Berhan School
Under 11 Boys (1km)   Under 11 Girls (1km)
1.      Daniel Tassew              Birhanena Selam School   1.      Tiya Challa                   Bole Community School
2.      Natnael Mezgebu         Tsehay Gibat School   2.      Ruth Aynadis               Armenian School
3.      Kirubel Mulugeta         Addis Berhan School   3.      Yosabet Seifu              Armenian School
Under 14 Boys (1.2km)   Under 14 Girls (1.2km)
1.      Zerihun Hayera            Berhnanena Selam School   1.      Meseret Abitew           German Church School
2.      Birhanu Tesfaye         Bole Community School   2.      Bethlehem Kuma         Berhanena Selam School
3.      Muse Sidrom                German Church School   3.      Mulu Temesgen            Tsehay Gibat School


2013 Europe Day Children Races 

The 2013 Europe Day Children Races took place on Saturday 18 May 2013. Over 2000 School Children enjoyed the races in their categories of Under 8, Under 11 & Under 14 boys and girls. This year the race venue was Janmeda where the International Cross Country Races are annually held.

2012 Europe Day Children Races  

The 2012 Europe Day Children Races took place on Sunday 13 May 2012. The race was divided in six categories for children Under 8, 11 and 14 for boys and girls.   The race starts and finishes infront of the Euopean Delagates Office in Addis Ababa on the Atlas to Desalegn Hotel road and starts at 9.00am.


For more information contact the race office on tel: 0116 63 5757/0116 63 3646 or email: