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The registration site for EMA races will be in 12 branches of Gishen Pharmacy as stated below. You can go and get registered at one of the branches.
If you get registered early you will benefit a free service from the pharmacy on- your Blood Pressure; Diabetic status; your weight and an advice
-    22 Mazoriya Branch                +251930033292
-    Stadium Branch                +251930033291
-    Bole Dildey Branch                +251930033290
-    Jemo Branch                    +251930097465
-    CMC Branch                    +251930102175
-    Golagul Tower Branch                +251930076930
-    Meskel Flower Branch            +251930102179
-    Bole Michael Branch                +251935998679
-    Mexico Square Branch            +251935998678
-    AlemGena Branch                +251913400354
-    Bole Rwanda Branch                +251118965204
-    QidistMariyam Branch            +251111545464

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