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13 May 2018 – Commercial Bank of Ethiopia celebrates its 75th anniversary with 13,000 participants at Meskel Square.

Today’s race had a variety of races including the competition between the winners from each region that the CBE race was held at. The other races which are also expected to be fascinating are the race between elders who are 75 years of age, competition between premium customers of the Bank; and race between the Vice Presidents and Branch Managers are some.    32313551 10156397344939530 1916071192343609344 n

The race hosted more than 100 invited guests and media. On the occasion a short brief video of the previous events held at the regions were previewed with various entertainment programs. The commercial bank in connection with its anniversary held a media tour showing the remarkable path the bank has passed starting from the first commercial bank located around Piassa and ending on the one of the biggest building in Africa which is expected to be the longest, 48 stories, and most complex buildings with lots of functions in it. 

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia invested a total of have a million birr only on the prize for the overall athletes’ competition.

The Great Ethiopian run has hosted more than 10 races this year and the final race before the Ethiopian year 2010 ends will be one of the unique race, the IFH Relay Races which is a relay competition among organizations present as a team. This race is mainly done to promote the message on road safety.