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April 30 2017 Gebeyanesh and Tsegaye win the second edition of the EMA race which includes an elite competition for first time this year. Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA) which celebrates its 53rd anniversary this year partnered with Great Ethiopian Run as part of its annual anniversary celebration which includes exhibition, seminars and panel discussion.
The elite athletes’ race covers two loops of 5km covering a total of

10km where Gebeyanesh and Tsegaye finished in a time of 33:40.296 and 29:01.537 respectively. Gebeyanesh who is overall winner of the 2015 Coca-Cola race series and winner of the Millennium Half-Marathon which Great Ethiopian Run consulted in Accra Ghana in 2015 collected brand new Peugeot car finish the race 27 second ahead of second place winner Zenebech dominating the race.
The mass race covers only 5km and a total of 2,000 participants take part in the race that starts and finish at Summit Soft Drink Factory and condominium area. Dr. Gemechis Mamo President of EMA commented “we are happy that the running event is better and bigger than last year and want to make it even better next year that’s why we have fix the date for next year event which will be on 22 April 2018”.
Dr. Jacqueline Kitulu President of Kenyan Medical Association and Prof. Seleshi Leuelsegede were the guests for the event and started the race and gave out prizes along with other guests.

Men Results

Rank Name Club Time
 1  Tsegaye Assefa Individual 29:01.537
 2  Abebaw Bayeh Ethiopian Electric Club 29:10.284
 3  Haile Tolosa Oromia Maremiya 29:21.793

Women Result

Rank Name Club Time
 1 Gebeyanesh Ayele Individual 33:40.296
 2 Zenebech Teshome Yeka 34:07.548
 3 Meseret Gonfu Oromia Maremiya 34:18.298