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13 February 2017 – the 34th Janmeda International Cross Country Championships was staged successful at the weekend. Great Ethiopian Run was asked to help stage the event and did help event management of the event mainly on three areas: EBC LIVE coverage team assistance, race operation including setup and prize ceremony.

The event serves as the national team selection for next month's world cross-country championships in Kampala, with races staged across both junior and senior age groups. This year a mixed relay was also added to the program. The Ethiopian Athletics Federation recognized the involvement of the GER team by presenting a Certificate of Recognition for their support. See the result below:

U20 Women 6km

Rank  Individual winners Region / Club
1st  Letsenbet Giday Trans Ethiopia
2nd  Seyneba Yimer  Eth.Nega Bank
3rd Hawi Feyessa Mekelakeya

Team Winner

Rank Team
 1st  Trans Ethiopia
 2nd  Oromiya Region
 3rd  Amhara Region

U20 Men 8km

 Rank Name Region/Club
 1st  Tefera Mosissa  Oromiya Region
 2nd  Solomon Barega Solomon  South region
 3rd  Berihun Betesefa  Trans Ethiopia


Rank Club/Region
 1st Amhara Region 
 2nd Oromiya Region
 3rd Sidama Buna

    Senior Women 10km

Rank Individual winner Region/club
 1st  Dera Dida  Region
 2nd  Belayenesh Oljira  Eth. Neged bank
 3rd  Gebeyanesh Ayele  Mekelakeya


 Rank Team Winner
 1st  Mekelakeya
 2nd  Amhara Region
 3rd  Eth. Negd bank

Senior Men 10km

Rank Individual winner  Region/club
 1st  Getanehe Molla  Mekelakeya
 2nd  Abadi Hadise  Trans Ethiopia
 3rd  Moges Tumay  Mesebo   


Rank Team Winner
 1st  Eth. Negid Bank
 2nd  Mekelakeya
 3rd  Oromiya


Rank Mixed relay 4x2km
 1st  Oromiya Region   
 2nd  Federal Maremya
 3rd  Eth Negd Bank