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3 June 2018 – the 15th edition of the IFH Relay Races was held today with the moto Lets end traffic violence traffic violence together- road safety for all.

This race is different from the other races organized by Great Ethiopian Run as it creates a suitable platform for team building among employees of different organizations.

Groups of athletes from various clubs were part of the race that started at the Besrate Gebrel church round about. In addition to the athletes a total of 110 groups from 9 different sectors made it to the race. Government; Bank &Insurance; Business; Embassies; NGOs; GYMs; Hotels; construction & real state and Chinese companies in Ethiopia were the sectors that participated. 

41 athlete groups each having 4 members running 3km did the relay competition of the 12 km race. The winners got a prize of 10,000; 6,000 and 4,000 respectively from 1-3. Also the mass winners from each category got a certificate and a trophy. 

This race was held in collaboration with the IFH Engineering. Arki water and Auto safety radio program are also partners of the event. The race result and event pictures can be found on our website  or social media /GreatEthiopianRun . 

Up next 

The signature race of the Great Ethiopian Run the 18th edition of The 2018 TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run registration will start on 11 June 2018. This registration is planned to be concluded within 10 days of its opening with a total participant number of 44,000. 

The IFH Relay Race is the concluding race of the year for the Great Ethiopian Run.