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9 March 2018 - The UN 2018 Women First 5km annual women only race has tripled participants number as it celebrates its 15th anniversary with 12,000 participants registered. The event which was started to celebrated success of Ethiopian women and mark International Women’s Day (March 8) has become a platform to voice massages focusing on Women. The race slogan this year is ‘Violence free life: it’s my right!’.


One of 17 sustainable development Goals (SDGs) focus on Gender Equality and UN is working with Great Ethiopian Run on the Women's Run to address this. 

The event will also have an elite field where some of the best young female athletes will battle to win the 15,000 cash prize. For the first time two young athletes will join the race from Uganda. Diplomats from 15 countries will also take part along the ambassadors of Denmark and Ireland.  

Joy Mack, the Jamaican Women’s Activist and singer is a guest and is already in Addis. She will present some of her songs to participants. 

The 35 minute challenge which was started last year is in place this year as well and participants who finish the race in under 35 minute will receive a certificate signed by the Olympic Medalist Athelete Meseret Deafar in addition to the race medal.