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24 December 2017 – Mesebo athletes Moges Tseumay and Foten Tesfaye are the winners of the Mekelle CBE 75th Anniversary Race in the chilly morning in the capital of Tigiray Region. A total of 3,000 participants started the race. The event is the second race in five region series race which is taking place to mark the 75th Anniversary Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

Bekalu Zeleke President of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia along with 3 other Vice presidents of the Bank have come to Mekelle to be part of the event. The race is also graced with the presence of two of Ethiopia’s long time accomplished athletes Haile Gebreselassie and Gebregizabeher Gebremaria who are also President and Vice Presidents of Ethiopian Athletics Federation respectively.

The races also include completion between the different branch managers in the district as team with one of their staff and also a separate CBE’s premium customers which adds favor to the event. A 500m jog completion also take place with elderly people who are 75years old and above.

Men elite athletes result  

1.       Moges Tseumay (Mesebo)         22.04.85

2.       Mebratu G/egziabeh (Trans)      22.12.23

3.       Gebru Niguess (Trans)                   22.17.20

Women elite athletes result  

1.       Foten Tesfaye (Mesebo)                              25.04.56

2.       Sara Girmay(Mesfine)                   25.15.17

3.       Lemlem Girmay (Mesebo)           25.17.43

The top three men and women athletes winners will represent their region on the series final which will take place in Addis Ababa on 1st April. The next event on the series is in Bahirdar on 14th January 2018 after the Ethiopian Chirstmas to be followed by the Adama on February 25.