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Week 4It is no secret that running can make you feel good.

Many people experience a feeling of euphoria after a session of aerobic exercise. For some people running is like a drug.  It is addictive and the more you run, the more you want to.

But for some of us, keeping up the running habit does not come so easily.   Perhaps you are finding it hard to stick to your regular training sessions?  And with the 2017 Great Ethiopian International 10k race just around the corner, it is important to stay motivated.

Perhaps you need a deeper reason to run?  Perhaps you need to run for a cause?

Since 2005, Great Ethiopian Run has been raising money for local charities working with some of the most vulnerable people here in Ethiopia.  This year, why not take the opportunity to raise money for our campaign. 

It’s easy to run for a cause.  

You can take a sponsorship form from the Great Ethiopian Run Office (Alem Bdg, Room 601, Africa Avenue, Addis Ababa 0116-633646 / 635757) and

ask your friends and family to pledge a donation. Alternatively, your organization can support our charity campaign. Organization who support us will be acknowledged in Capital Newspaper. Did you miss registration? Contact our office to purchase a charity t-shirt, where proceeds after tax all go to our campaign. (Limited T-shirts available)

This year there are four benefitting charities, working in Addis Ababa and throughout Ethiopia.

Eneredada Elder People’s Project works to support vulnerable older people and their grandchildren.  The Association for Women’s Sanctuary and Development (ASWAD) works to provide safe houses for abused women and children.  In Oromia Region, the Oromia Region Children Care Association helps children who have lost their parents or who have been cast aside or run away from home.  Similarly, the Elshadai Relief and Development Association cares for orphans and street children.   

It’s amazing to think that over the past 12 years, since the start of our charity campaign, 32 organizations have been helped and 9.9 million birr raised. 

We want you to feel good about running.  Running for a cause might not make the race shorter but could help make the journey easier.

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HAILE – Respected advice

Week 3

How’s your training? Are you looking forward to the Great Ethiopian Run? Here’s some more advice.

The course for the Great Ethiopian Run is tough. It’s hilly. There’s a very difficult hill at the end of the race.

So my advice is: practice running uphill!

You can do this on a treadmill in a gym by changing the gradient.

It’s even better if you can run up hills outside.

Find a good hill, which is not too steep and with a good running surface.


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