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Week 4 The Great Ethiopian Run International 10k is, of course, a running event. 
Some of you will have signed up purely to run. And who wouldn’t want to run in Africa’s largest mass participation road race?

But anyone who has taken part in our 10k race before knows it is also a party in disguise.

From the moment the speakers are switched on at 7am on race day morning, the party begins.  Who can keep their feet, or shoulders, from dancing when Meskal Square is filled with music? If this is your first time at our race, you will soon discover that nobody can!

Barely a kilometre goes by without some music to cheer you on your way…our course is filled with live bands and performers.  And somehow running 10k doesn’t feel such an effort when your feet naturally move with the rhythm.  As you cross the finish line, the joy of finishing is perhaps mixed with a touch of sadness, that the party is coming to an end.

So, this year, after you finish the race, why not keep the party alive?

Great Ethiopian Run, together with Big Buzz Marketing Plc and HIM International Events, will host the first Great Ethiopian Concert, held at Ghion Hotel’s Unity Park, from 11am until 8pm, on race day, Sunday 26 November.

The concert will bring together outstanding local artists, and international performers, for an all day musical celebration.  We are thrilled that Luciano, from Jamaica, will perform some of his reggae hits. Staying with the Reggae theme, Cali P, from Guadeloupe and Tiwony, a major player in the Paris music scheme, will complete our international line up.

Of course, a Great Ethiopian Concert has to include top Ethiopian talent, and none other than Neway Debebe will be exciting us with his “voice of silk”. With so many talented local artists performing, this will be a post race party to remember.

The best restaurants will be there to cater for all culinary tastes – you are certain to have energy to dance into the evening.

Great Ethiopian Run participants can buy tickets for this event for a discounted price of 200 birr, if they come to the concert in their official race T-shirt.  What better way to round off your race day? Join us and let the party continue. 

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HAILE – Respected advice

Week 4
The Great Ethiopian Run takes place in one month’s time. Are you ready?
If you’ve been following my advice until now, you will already be reasonably fit.
This week, let me advise something a bit different.
We call it interval training.
The idea is: you push hard and then have a short recovery, and then you repeat this.
For example, you could do: 1 minute hard (faster running) followed by 1 minute recovery (either jogging or walking). And repeat this 6 or 8 times.
This is a great way of increasing your fitness.
It’s also a nice change from just running at one pace.
Keep going!

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