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Week 1It’s hard to imagine that this year is the 17th edition of the Great Ethiopian International 10K. And it’s only 6 weeks away.
Perhaps this is your 17th Great Ethiopian Run, and you can’t wait to put on your running shoes and hit the streets on November 26. For some of you it will be your first time. And perhaps you feel a little afraid.
It is said that the hardest step for any runner is the step out of the door. And if you have signed up for this year’s International 10k then now is the time to take that step.  We want November 26 to be a day to remember, for all the right reasons.

In case you need some extra encouragement here are a few good reasons for you to begin your training now.
You live in Ethiopia, the heartland of running
Haile Gebreselassie famously said, “I am Lucky.  The best possible place in the world for training is Addis Ababa.” When you begin training you join with the world’s greatest athletes, in treading the streets of Addis Ababa, the hills of Entoto, or the steps of Meskal Square.
You are doing something that is good for you
Running is good for both body and soul.  In addition to shedding some unwanted pounds, running helps guard against heart disease, stroke, type two diabetes, and some forms of cancer. It strengthens your muscles and joints and perhaps (a little surprisingly) can help sharpen your mind.  Research suggests that fit older adults score better in brain function test when measured against their unfit peers. 

You will be part of something great
Language cannot fully describe Africa’s biggest road race. It has to be experienced.  When you take part in the Great Ethiopian Run’s International 10k you take part in more than just a race. You join an event like no other; a celebration of Ethiopia’s people, culture, and talents; 10k of music, dancing and colour with a little running thrown.
As you take your first training steps, remember what you are aiming for…. a race day experience that will stay with you for life.
Find your 10km training here in the following 6 weeks.

HAILE – Respected advice
Week 6
The Great Ethiopian Run takes place in 6 weeks’ time.
So my advice is: start your training now!
It doesn’t matter how you train.
I run in the forest and also train in the gym.
For you, it may be different. But whether it’s running or gym training, whether it’s morning or evening, what counts is a good routine.
And for this you need discipline!
And one final thing: if you’re new to training, start gently!

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