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Race day is coming

Fantastic News!  Race day is almost here. 
And to help you get the most out of race day, here are some final pointers to keep you right.

The race start is Meskel Square.
This is a great route, which passes many of Addis Ababa’s eye-catching buildings, such as the grand headquarters of the African Union.  (See our race map)

Are you red or green?
For the first time we have two waves to start you off.  The first, “red” wave is for runners who will finish the race in under an hour.  The second, “green” wave is for those who wish to take a more leisurely pace, finishing over the hour.

Get to the race start in good time.
For those who are in the “red” race category, then you should get to the race start at 7.30am. Red Runners will start at 8.50am.  The Green wave will start at 9am. It’s a good idea to plan your route to the race start, bearing in mind that some roads will be closed to cars and buses.

Drink Water.
Water keeps your body hydrated, and your mind sharp.  Drink water the night before the race, and avoid alcohol and heavy, salty food. Coffee can also cause dehydration, which in turn can cause your muscles to cramp.  Of course, as usual we have a water station around the half way point and don’t forget our power shower, at kilometre 6, to freshen you up. 

Enjoy yourself.
On Sunday, you will be part of Africa’s largest road race.  Throughout the course, there will be the usual mix of live music and dancing to keep your spirits high. Great Ethiopian Run truly hopes your race day will be one to remember. 

Find your 10km training here in the following 6 weeks
HAILE – Respected advice
Final week
We’re getting close to the race. I’m excited – I hope you are too!
This week my advice is: don’t do too much!
It’s important that you start the race feeling fresh and ready to make a big effort.
So: keep training, but gentle training is now better than hard training!
Think about the race. Yes, lots of participants! – and they will help you get round.
Also, you need energy and determination.
Check you know the course. It’s hard at the finish. So don’t start too fast!

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