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It’s almost time to collect your race T-shirt for the Great Ethiopian International 10k. It will be exciting to find out which color you will run in this year. But more exciting is our Sports Expo, where you will collect your race T-shirt.

All big races throughout the world hold an Expo. Where better to give out race information, and meet with other people full of energy and enthusiasm for race day?

The Great Ethiopian Run’s Sport Expo is the first of its kind in Ethiopia.  The emphasis is to link people in to sport, and promote a healthy, active lifestyle. 

So what is on offer?

Sports exhibitions often serve the purpose of bringing vendors and consumers to the same place. Naturally, there will be many stalls selling sports equipment, and displaying the latest trends and designs. In addition, the Sports Expo will be a place to try a range of sports such as darts, table tennis, basketball, chess and the Ethiopian traditional sport ‘Gebeta’. Our hope is that all who come will try out these sports. To encourage you to do so, 100 T-shirts will be given out to those who try and win.

We feel passionately about encouraging people into sports and activity, as a way to a healthy life. The Expo is one way to try something new, and to find a sport which suits you.

In true Great Ethiopian Run style, out event also includes music and dance and of course traditional Ethiopian coffee.

The expo runs from the 17th to the 19th of November, Meskel Square.

We look forward to welcoming you there. 

Find your 10km training here in the following 6 weeks
HAILE – Respected advice
Week 2
The race is getting closer.
This is the final week of hard training – leaving it until next week will be too late.
So this week test yourself!
If you’ve trained well, you should be running further and faster than when you started the training in September.
As a test, you could try timing yourself over 2km. Then have a short recovery. Then run another 2km followed by another short recovery. And then do it for one final time. Each time you should try to reduce the time you take for each 2km effort.
It’s not long until the race now.
One final bit of advice: eat well and stay healthy!

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