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Doing Good for Body and Soul

How are you feeling?

If you have been training over the past month for the Great Ethiopian Run’s International 10k then by now you may be feeling fitter, getting faster and might also have shed some unwanted weight.

So now that you are looking good, here is a way to make you feel good as well.
Every year, Great Ethiopian Run raises money for local Ethiopian charities, through our official charity campaign.  Anyone who runs our race can fundraise and help some of the most vulnerable in Addis Ababa and throughout Ethiopia.

This year four charities will benefit. 

The Muday Association, based in the Kotebe region of Addis Ababa, currently supports 739 children, through providing food and shelter, healthcare and education, enabling children to stay in school for longer, and keeping them from a life of begging on the streets.

ReayLeteweled similarly works with vulnerable, needy or sometimes orphaned children, many of whom have the burden of caring for younger siblings, where their parents are too sick to do so themselves. Through sponsorship, this organisation is helping 341 children of primary schools age. 

Gambela Region Women and Children Affairs Office is a government organization aiming to promote gender equality and wellbeing of children and women. Its mission is to provide training and education to avoid the harmful traditional practices that affect the lives of women and children, and to create opportunities for them while at the same time caring for children in difficult situations. It also works to build the capacity of the institutions that are supporting women and children.

Sebeta Getesemani Betedenagel Tebabat Nunnery was established in 1961, when Empress Menen donated a palace to be run as an orphanage, by Orthodox Christian Nuns.  The nunnery originally cared for 25 children and generated its own income. Now the number of children in its care has risen to 200.  In order to respond to this increased need the nunnery has initiated a sponsorship scheme, and helps not only support and care for children, but also provides education and technical training.

It’s easy to support these charities as you run.

•    If your organization donates to our campaign we will publicize this here in the Capital newspaper and on our website. 
•    Individuals can pick up a sponsorship form from the Great Ethiopian Run office and raise money that way.
•    Or perhaps you missed registration for this year’s race? Every year we keep aside a few T-shirts to be sold for our charity campaign.  Contact our office to secure your charity T-shirt now.

Make sure you feel good on the inside as well as on the outside.  Start raising money for our charity campaign today.

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HAILE – Respected advice

Week 4
The Great Ethiopian Run takes place in one month’s time. Are you ready?
If you’ve been following my advice until now, you will already be reasonably fit.
This week, let me advise something a bit different.
We call it interval training.
The idea is: you push hard and then have a short recovery, and then you repeat this.
For example, you could do: 1 minute hard (faster running) followed by 1 minute recovery (either jogging or walking). And repeat this 6 or 8 times.
This is a great way of increasing your fitness.
It’s also a nice change from just running at one pace.
Keep going!

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