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Running is a strange thing. 

Evolutionary theory would have us believe that the best runners were the most successful hunters. It is thought that groups of hunters would rely on their stamina to chase prey for hours, until the poor animal died of exhaustion. Those hunters with the most stamina would no doubt eat better, survive longer and have more offspring. 

Yet running can also cause pain.  Most of us have experienced stiff, sore muscles the day after intense exercise.  Some health specialists will tell us that running is a high impact sport, inflicting too much stress and strain to our joints. Can something that hurts be good for us?

Do the benefits of running really outweigh the costs?

Here at GER we believe so, and here are the reasons why.

The Health Benefits:

No doubts about it, running is more likely to improve your health than to destroy it. An active lifestyle, with an emphasis on running has been link to a reduced risk of cancer, heart disease and obesity and an increase in life expectancy, bone density and sleep quality, amongst other things. 

The Happiness Factor:

Running boosts your mood.  Many runners smugly tell us that going for a run makes them feel better, but the science is also there to back up their claim.
Running encourages serotonin production in our bodies, a chemical linked to balancing mood and fighting depression.  In addition, running is now known to purge the blood of a chemical called kyurenine, which increases during periods of stress and is also linked to depression. 

The Intellect:

This benefit is less well known.  Running can help improve memory and learning. Scientific research has now linked improvements in running to an improved memory performance. 

So now you have heard the theory, its time for the practise.
Try running now, and experience the benefits for yourself.

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HAILE – Respected advice

Week 5
It’s now the second week of your training, or at least the second week of my advice!
Last week I said: start your training gently.
This week my advice is: build up gradually.
If you can run & walk for 30 minutes this week – then next week you should try 40 minutes – and the following 50 minutes.
In other words, step by step. I always say: don’t rush training!
It takes time to build fitness.
Remember what I said last week: routine and discipline are everything!

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