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What will you be doing on Sunday 20th November?

Are you one of the 42,000 participants taking part in the 16th Edition, Great Ethiopian Run’s International 10K?

Excited? Or perhaps a just little nervous?

If this is your first time taking part then you could be feeling a mixture of both.  There is nothing quite like the shared joy and energy that all experience running in this event.But perhaps you have never run 10k before, and 10 kilometres seem like an awfully long way.
Don’t be afraid!  Here are some top tips

to get you off the starting blocks and on your way to a great race day.

Get Active Every Day

All of us can take small steps towards a more active life.  Why not walk rather than take the taxi, or get off a stop early, so you get some time on your feet? Use stairs rather than the elevator.  Take the chance to move whenever you can.

And don’t put off until tomorrow.  If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our lives.

Find Training Buddies

Running with friends will make your training more fun.  If you can find a training partner then you will more likely look forward to your runs, and be less likely to skip them.
It is said that running with a friend makes the friendship stronger and the miles shorter.

Set Small Goals

We have all heard it said that you have to walk before you can run, and that is exactly how to start your training, especially if you have never run before. Build up the distance and speed gradually. Once you see you can succeed in each small step then you will only want to succeed more.

It is never too late to set another goal or to dream a new dream.  Make this year’s Great Ethiopian Run yours.

Find your 10km training here in the following 6 weeks
HAILE – Respected advice
Week 6
The Great Ethiopian Run takes place in 6 weeks’ time.
So my advice is: start your training now!
It doesn’t matter how you train.
I run in the forest and also train in the gym.
For you, it may be different. But whether it’s running or gym training, whether it’s morning or evening, what counts is a good routine.
And for this you need discipline!
And one final thing: if you’re new to training, start gently!

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