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The race course for the 2018 TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run is shown above. The second map shows where the Green wave  (those whos strive to finish the race under 1 Hour) and the Red wave (those who run for fun) line up.


Sunday (Start/Finish) of Race: 6 Kilo Yekatit 12 Monument

Activities Time
 Wheelchair Races 8:00AM (W)
8:05AM (M)
 Start of Elite Women's Race 8:00AM
 Start of Elite Men's Race 8:10AM
 Finish of Elite Women's Race (Winner 33:00) 8:33AM
 Finish of Elite Men's Race (Winner 28:30) 8:38AM
 Start-Green Wave 8:55AM
 Start-Red Wave (masses clear in 15min) 9.00AM
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