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International 10K

2014 Great Ethiopian Run 

Haile’s Training Advice: 5 Weeks to go!

It’s now the second week of your training, or at least the second week of my advice!

Last week I said: start your training gently.

This week my advice is: build up gradually.

If you can run & walk for 30 minutes this week – then next week you should try 40 minutes – and the following 50 minutes.

In other words, step by step.I always say: don’t rush training!

It takes time to build fitness.

Remember what I said last week: routine and discipline are everything!

Food for thought:

The world record holding sprinter Usain Bolt, famously talked of food as being his rocket fuel.  When it comes to running what you put in to your body will certainly impact on what you get out of your body.  Sports scientists and journalists have tried to pinpoint why Ethiopians seem to be naturally good distance runners.  One thing they are all in agreement on is that the simple Ethiopian diet seems designed to fuel a long run. Why is this?

Good – naturally:Grains, pulses, fruit and vegetables, normal in the traditional Ethiopian diet, are rich in vitamins and minerals, which are good for us.  Natural unprocessed food helps to keeps us healthy.

Injera:  This Ethiopian staple is rich in complex carbohydrate. This means that it takes time for our bodies to break it down, and energy is released gradually – ideal for a long run. In addition, teff flour, traditionally used to make injera, contains high levels of iron, which will help the red blood cells in your body absorb oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for energy to be released in your muscles.

Shiro and misser: Beans and pulses are a good source of vegetable protein, and current food science agrees that runners need protein to rebuild and repair tired and damaged muscles.

Coffee: The  fable of Kaldiwho discovered coffee beans in the Ethiopian countryside recognised long ago their ability to improve thought and reasoning. Caffeine, the stimulant in coffee, has long been known to sharpen the mind. In addition, caffeine is now recognised to sharpen athletic performance. Two or three small cups of coffee before a race, has a perceptible benefit to race performance – something Ethiopian athletes have known long before the scientists caught up. 

A healthy diet alone will not fully prepare you for our 10k race in November. There is no substitute for putting some kilometres under your feet.  Don’t forget to listen to Haile’s training tips on Radio Fana (98.1) and Sheger (102.1) week day mornings.  Look out for more nutrition advicefor the week prior to race day, here in our website.



Haile’s Training Advice: 6 Weeks to go!

The Great Ethiopian Run takes place in 6 weeks’ time.

So my advice is: start your training now!

It doesn’t matter how you train.

I run in the forest and also train in the gym.

For you, it may be different. But whether it’s running or gym training, whether it’s morning or evening, what counts is a good routine.

And for this you need discipline!

And one final thing: if you’re new to training, start gently!


Feeling the buzz.

This year in Berlin, the marathon world record was once again broken. Kenya’s Dennis Kimetto broke the two hour three minute mark, coming home in two hours, two minutes and 57 seconds. A sub two-hour marathon certainly looks possible.

For most of us, it is hard to imagine running at such speed over such a distance.  

Perhaps it seems almost impossible to run at all.  Yet our heroes of running all talk of how they could never give it up. Once you start, it seems impossible to stop.  What is it about running that gets us hooked?

The Endorphins:

Many regular runners say they experience positive feelings after running, commonly known as “the runner’s high”.  Physical exercise causes our bodies to release naturally occurring chemicals called endorphins, which flood our brains.  These endorphins have a positive mood-altering effect and can also mask pain.  The more endorphins, the more positive the feelings.

The Achievement:

Whether you finish 5k or 50k the sense of achievement is undeniable. There is nothing quite like challenging yourself and meeting that challenge.  Even the professionals feel this way.

The Party:

Running events bring people together.  None more so than The Great Ethiopian Run, Africa’s biggest road race.  The international 10k race is not only a running event, but also a celebration.  Once you have participated in our race, we are certain that you will want to be part of it again.

At the Great Ethiopia Run, we want you to get hooked on keeping fit and being part of our events.  As we begin the build up to our International 10k race, 

Haile Gebre-selassie will give weekly tips to help you prepare.  Listen to Radio Fana (98.1) on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, or Sheger (102.1) on Tuesday and Thursday, to hear how you can get into the running habit.  Be one of the 40 000 race participants who will this year feel the buzz.


2014 Great Ethiopian Run International 10km race is set to take place on 23rd November 2014. Details about the race will be given here in due course.

Online entry for runners from abroad will stay open until mid-November, follow the link on Registration page.

Registration for Ethiopian Residents is now closed. Charity places will be available in September to raise funds our official charity campaign 'Running for a Cause'. (see details on charity page).

Be part of Africa's biggest and noisiest 10km race, 40,000 participants this year.

The 13th edition of the Great Ethiopian Run took place on Sunday 24th November 2013. 

More than 30,000 participants and over 400 elite athletes came out and made the day special and once again the race has proven itself as the biggest road race in Africa.

For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +251 (0)11 663 3646/5757.



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