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International 10K

2014 Great Ethiopian Run 

14th edition of the Great Ethiopian Run International 10km will be staged on Sunday 23 November 2014. Nova International is the title sponsor of this event for the second consecutive year. 

A total of 40,000 participants have registered to take part in this event. To help participants get fit for race day, Great Ethiopian Run Chairman Haile Gebreslassie gives training tips for the 6 weeks leading up to the event. 

Haile’s Training Advice: 1 Week to go!

We’re getting close to the race. I’m excited – I hope you are too!

This week my advice is: don’t do too much!

It’s important that you start the race feeling fresh and ready to make a big effort.

So: keep training, but gentle training is now better than hard training!

Think about the race. Yes, lots of participants! – and they will help you get round.

Also, you need energy and determination.

Check you know the course. It’s hard at the finish. So don’t start too fast!

See you on Sunday!

Sightseeing GER style

The face of Addis Ababa is changing almost daily.  Road and rail improvements make the city a completely different place from when the Great Ethiopian Run first started, 14 years ago.  Addis Ababa is now a modern city fit for the 21st Century, and how better to enjoy the sights, than to run the Great Ethiopian Run International 10k? 

With race day only one week away, here are the details of this years route and some important race day information.

Once again our race will start from Janmeda Recreation ground. This is the same start as last year, and allows our race to take place on wide avenues, free from construction.

So to the course:  The start will be on the road to the south of the park, around Menelik Hospital.  You will have to approach this from the Arat kilo/ Sidist kilo side.  The route heads east and south to Kebene and then along the British Embassy road towards Diaspora Roundabout.  Before reaching the Diaspora square head south down the slip road which runs parallel to the ring road. Turning right steers you back towards Adwa Bridge, and the next right will take you through Aware back to Kebene.The last push is uphill towards Janmeda, where you will enter the park from the east side, and complete a short lap before the finish and the medal area. 

Naturally there will be the usual great music throughout the course.  The Great Ethiopian Run would not be complete without our shower station to cool off in and don’t forget to rehydrate at one of our drinks stations.  At 3k Malta Guinness will provide fluid and fuel and at 6k Aqua Addis will provide water.

We want your race day experience to match our event name.  This is more than just a race; it’s a true celebration of running.  But remember, to help make your race truly great, follow the athlete’s example – eat light on the race day, keep hydrated, and celebrate after the race, rather than before.  


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2014 Great Ethiopian Run International 10km race is set to take place on 23rd November 2014. Details about the race will be given here in due course.

Online entry for runners from abroad will stay open until mid-November, follow the link on Registration page.

Registration for Ethiopian Residents is now closed. Charity places will be available in September to raise funds our official charity campaign 'Running for a Cause'. (see details on charity page).

Be part of Africa's biggest and noisiest 10km race, 40,000 participants this year.

The 13th edition of the Great Ethiopian Run took place on Sunday 24th November 2013. 

More than 30,000 participants and over 400 elite athletes came out and made the day special and once again the race has proven itself as the biggest road race in Africa.

For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +251 (0)11 663 3646/5757.



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