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5 December – One of the pioneer banks In Ethiopia, the commercial Bank of Ethiopia is celebrating the 75th Diamond Jubilee this year.  

Among the various programs that the Anniversary seizes, hosting a colorful race event in five different regional cities, Hawassa, Mekele, Adama, Bahirdar, including Addis Ababa is planned to take place starting 17 December to 1 April, 2018.  

Each Race will host a total of 3,000 regional participants and 7,500 in the case of Addis Ababa. The race will have five different types of races. Competition among the 75 years old elders’; Premium customers; branch managers and elite are expected to bring a Varity to the race event.  IMG 8973

In addition the winner elite athletes from each region will get the chance to come to the final race to be held in Addis Ababa all costs

covered. The winner at the Addis Ababa race competition will receive a prize of 75000 ETB in both men and women category. For the regional winners ranking from 1-10 a prize range of 10,000 – 600 birr Is allocated.  

About Commercial Bank of Ethiopia 

Inaugurated on 15 April 1944 with 43 employees and 2 branches and now celebrating its 75th anniversary with more than 33000 employees with 1235 branches. The bank is also kin in introducing a new Internet technology- IT Infrastructure and core Banking Technology so that customers will get service at their convenience.