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December 8, 2016 –  Great Ethiopian Run in relation to its annual 10 km run, has been working on a fundraising campaign  under the name ‘Running for a Cause’ to help those who are less fortune. On this year’s event, Great Ethiopian Run Planned and achieved raising 1.5 million birr. The FDRE Ministry of Women & Children Youth Affairs selected four beneficiaries for this year. The donation ceremony was held at one of the charity organizations called the Sebeta Getesemani Nunnery. The other three organizations benefiting from this year’s campaign are: Muday Association, Gambella Region Women Association & Ra’ey Letewlid.

news picture 14 million birr have been raised in the past three years excluding this year’s collection. This donation has reached a total of 12 charity organizations. The lists of the beneficiaries include Artist for Charity; Yezelalem Minch; Our fathers Kitchen; A Hope Ethiopia Mekedonia; Ye- Ethiopia Berhan Reporductive Health & Anti AIDS Association; Kebele 20 Meredaja Idir, Dire Dawa; Mary Joy; Kebebe Tehaye Institutional Care; Kechene Institutional Care; Tigray Women, Amhara Women, Oromiya Women and Debube Women, children & youth Affairs; Nehmiya Authism Center; Mekedoniya Elderly Support; Former Enmates; Diredawa Women children & youth affairs; Messeret Humanitarian Org.;Brothers and Sisters children Center (Gambella); Benshangule women Association; Ryan Autism Center; Ethiopian National Association for mentally Diabaled; Amhara Region Women, Children & youth Affairs Office  Matheos Wondu; Abebech Gobena; Meseret Humanitarian Organization and sewasew genet charity and development organization.